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All About Steve

Posted in movies and television by Kaitlin on September 13, 2009

All About Steve is really all about Sandra Bullock’s performance as Mary Horowitz, the socially awkward crossword creator. In Mary, Bullock is willing to put herself aside and take on a quirky, annoying and yet lovable persona for laughs.

Some critics have said the film is a horrible romantic comedy churned out for Middle America, but they’re missing the point. All About Steve is not a romantic comedy. It’s just a comedy. In fact, it deserves praise for going out on a limb with a female writer, Kim Barker, and a female comedian, Sandra Bullock. Many producers don’t see an audience for films like All About Steve unless they are promoted as chick flicks and romantic comedies. But despite the title, this movie is not all about Mary finding a man. It’s all about Mary finding herself.

I’m not saying All About Steve is perfect. (The arc of the story was unbalanced and the last part of the movie felt like Ace In the Hole.) What I am saying is, just give it a chance. I guarantee it’s worth some laughs and really, what else can you ask for from a comedy?


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