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Tuesday Times

Posted in diary by Kaitlin on September 16, 2009

Tonight a few of the flatmates and I headed on safari in search of the elusive buff whiteout and the endangered sliced muenster. Our travels led us to Oprah’s favorite, Tarjay, and Staples, of easy button fame.

target shopping basketThe muenster was successfully captured! Along with smiling potatoes and a shower caddy. The shower caddy is slightly less interesting than the Shower Caddy!, but getting inanimate objects excited costs extra. (I was sorely tempted to buy a Basket!, but decided I could make do with the apathetic basket we already had.)

unneccesary punctuation2B browsed amongst the toilet seats while V hid her light under a basket. (The doctors advise we humor her.)bridgette and vicky shopping in targetBuff whiteout is truly a rare beast and completely extinct in the Target savanna, so we headed to the wilds of a ready-to-close Staples. Under the medical attention of cheery school supplies, V came out from under her basket and lived to shop another day.

vicky with bookbagsThe final task conquered we headed to the checkout and then onwards to IHOP. For surely only night breakfast could curb our raging appetites.


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  1. Vicky Jenkinson said, on September 17, 2009 at 1:01 pm

    Love the new layout. And your Banner is FANTASTIC!
    This post is wonderful as well.

    • Kaitlin said, on September 17, 2009 at 1:03 pm

      Thanks! I’m still working on it. Just thought it was time for something new.

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