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Bang Ditto

Posted in books and stories by Kaitlin on October 12, 2009

“Bang Ditto” is a book of poems and short stories by Amber Tamblyn. Yes, that Amber Tamblyn, “Joan of Arcadia” star and cool sister of the traveling-pants-hood.

I’m skeptical of actors who cross over into other fields, especially writing. But I decided to give Tamblyn the benefit of the doubt.

“Bang Ditto” is a slim book, but Tamblyn’s frankness makes it interesting. Do I like her poems? I haven’t decided yet. But I keep reading and  rereading them. Maybe that answers my question.

An excerpt from her poem”Earthquake” –

My entire life has been a huge earthquake I slept through. All I know are the aftershocks.

The sound of glass being swept up in my lover’s bedroom.

A story I don’t remember telling is the headline of every newspaper the moring after.

My blackouts in big lights. All I see is the damage I’ve done.

My mother is the news anchor, never allowing me to escape her natural disaster.


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