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Writing women back into history…

Posted in diary by Kaitlin on March 2, 2010

votes for women, suffrage, california women, 1911, 2011, national  women's history month, national women's history project, poster,  centenniel, centenial, betha boyeis the theme of 2010s National Women’s History Month. Maybe I’ve been hiding under a rock of dumb, but I just discovered this 30-year-old celebration existed. (Does that count as strange?)

To bring more attention to this month, AAUW (formerly American Association of University Women) employees are posting YouTube videos discussing who they’re honoring for National Women’s History Month:

They’re also launching flickr, twitter and facebook campaigns. Learn more about AAUW’s efforts  and how to help on their blog.

a little twilight

Posted in books and stories, diary, movies and television by Kaitlin on December 1, 2009

I was planning on posting a review of  “New Moon,” but I’m a tad busy and there are so many really good articles (and parodies) about the Twilight phenom, I thought I’d just link to some.

If you were wondering who “wears the pants” in Bella’s relationships, check out Team Edward, Team Jacob: New Moon’s Gender Revolution.

To read how “New Moon” might be a good thing for women in Hollywood, see New Moon Brings a New Dawn in Hollywood.

And if you want to write a bestseller just like “Twilight,” read Twilight: A Follow-Up, and a Promise.

My favorite “Twilight” parody ’cause “I’ve got like a black belt in fangs.”

Get a look at Peter Facinelli (Carlisle) getting in on the parody action.


PS – In case you were wondering, I am still writing. I’ve got about 10,000 words so far. Check out the wordle I made with the first chunk of my book – My wordle

I’m writing a book

Posted in diary by Kaitlin on November 23, 2009

Or so goes the plan. I’m on a six week winter break from school. So I asked myself, “What productive thing can I do with all my time?” And I answered myself, “You should write a novel. You are a writer, right?” Right.

My goal is to have 60,o00 words by January when I have to go back to school. To keep me psuedo-accountable, I’ll blog my progressing word count. (And you can leave me nasty comments if I don’t.)

Day 1 = 1000 words

pumpkin pancake goodness

Posted in diary by Kaitlin on November 16, 2009

Pumpkin pancakes are the simplest fall breakfast  food out there. Just add canned pumpkin puree to ready-made pancake mix and spice to taste. I used 4 cups of pancake mix to one small can of pumpkin puree and added a dash of ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and all-spice.

https://i1.wp.com/www.hungryjack.com/images/products/light_and_fluffy.jpg+https://i2.wp.com/img.icefoundry.co.uk/l_libbys_pumpkin_pie_filling.jpg= https://i1.wp.com/4.bp.blogspot.com/_TjEuxE_yL1g/SSK3LOHjWxI/AAAAAAAACDo/f7C2pZIgAkE/s400/pumpkin+pancakes+016.jpg

This makes a lot of pancakes batter, but I wanted to get rid of the can of pumpkin. You can refrigerate leftover batter for a week or so, or make all the pancakes and freeze the extras. Frozen, they’ll last for months and be ready at a moments notice. Just pop the frozen pancake in the toaster or microwave for a dose of fall sunshine anytime.


Posted in diary by Kaitlin on October 26, 2009


My flatmates and I weren’t the only ones celebrating Halloween early. Wag-o-ween is Savannah’s Halloween for dogs. On Saturday, furry best friends could go into a wide array of shops downtown for a doggy version of trick-or-treat. Turns out adorable animals look even cuter in costume.


early halloween

Posted in diary, movies and television by Kaitlin on October 25, 2009

We celebrated Halloween a little early at a costume party last night. The flatmates and I wanted wow-able costumes group style. After much brainstorming and a little thrifting we came up with this:

us as arthur

In case, you don’t recognize our rad duds here’s a hint:


We three are Buster Baxter, Muffy Crosswire and Arthur Read. Don’t get it? Then you’ve never seen Arthur, a wonderful pbskids’ cartoon that’s still running. It comes on weekdays at 5 and 5:30 – you should def catch it if you can.

busy-ness cards

Posted in diary by Kaitlin on October 8, 2009

According to Career Services, I am a “young professional.” As such, I believe I need business cards to present my young self professionally. I also want a friendlier (sillier) alternative for my blog. All of my ideas would have the contact info on the back.

Check these out, and please, tell me what you think! First, the (slightly) more serious cards:

I write writer ink splot

And here, the more casual:

professional liar writer line

Vampire Ex

Posted in art, etc., diary by Kaitlin on October 6, 2009


My friend recently dumped her boy-toy. From our knowledge of The Lost Boys and Twilight,  we concluded he was a vampire. So that you can avoid the misfortune of dating an undead blood-sucker, I have listed warning signs below.


If he’s very strong, fast and skilled at combat, without the typical  jock attitude,

if he uses old fashioned phrases and SAT words in everyday conversation,

if he hasn’t really changed even though you’ve known him for years,

if he has a European accent, but he says he’s from South Carolina,

if you had to invite him to come through the door,


if he likes taking risks, but doesn’t want you to,

if spending money means nothing to him,

if his eyes change colors with his mood,

if he likes biting your arms and neck,

or if he’s pale and avoids the sun,

then he’s probably a vampire. Break it off quickly, or he’ll protect (stalk) you forever. The only cure for unwanted attention from a vamp is to befriend a werewolf. I don’t know any right now, but when I find one, I’ll let you know.

These marvelous photos are by Vicky. Thanks, ducks!

fire helmets and banana suits

Posted in diary by Kaitlin on October 3, 2009

5 reasons why we’re children:

1. Firefighters think we need plastic fire helmets. And we agree.

1 vicky with fire hat copy

2. We go to the beach and howl at the moon. And people howl back.

3. Halloween is our favorite holiday. And we will try on costumes in Target aisles.

2 bridgette copy

4. We like Twilight. And we will preorder tickets to a midnight showing of Twilight Saga: New Moon.

5. We realize a spoonful of sugar does not make everything better. And we will continue try it.

a pole, some cards and scrabble

Posted in diary by Kaitlin on September 29, 2009

5 things I learned this weekend:

1. Despite appearances, a long curtain rod does not a stripper pole make.

1 david pole copy

2. Do not mess with the psychics tarot cards (especially if you have a pushy aura).

13 david margaret kathryn tarot copy

3. Tarot card readings will be eerily accurate.

9 bridgette vicky copy10 tarot cards (vicky margaret kathryn david) copy

4. Chinese fortune-telling sticks not so accurate (but good for impromptu log cabins).

3 vicky margaret sticks copy8 stick log cabin (kathryn margaret) copy

5. Scrabble Slam is infinitely better than the original version. Seriously.

14 margaret david scrabble slam (bridgette) copy12 bridgette pillow copy