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gift guide no. 3

Posted in fashion by Kaitlin on December 12, 2009

Hello all you unfortunate people who love a member of the fashion obsessed. Here is a gift guide just for you to surprise your pickiest fashionista!

For $5 and under

Mock those who came before and failed with the book Peculiar Beauty: Three Centuries of Charmingly Absurd Advice.

A little Blair and a little Jenny, the Chain and Leather Headwrap.

True lovers of fashion never show their eyes. Help them hide with swan lake sunglasses (available in an assortment of colors).

For $15 and under

Tell her you think she’s classy with White Poise Gloves from ModCloth.

Keeping a timepiece on your wrist? So last year. The time’s at their fingertips with a rhinestone Riveria watch ring.

Because everyone should have cards and a teal case to store them in, the Tattoo Etched ID Case.

For $25 and under

Because you can’t afford an actual Prada bag, give them the lovely collage, My Prada Bag.

The Tatlin Necklace brings tribal to the city with chunky wooden beads (also comes in orange).

As The Fashion File attests, every clotheshorse needs this book: The Sartorialist.

For those willing to drop some serious cash

Since green is the new black, your fashion-lover might be trading in cab fare for a bike. Make the choice a classy one with the Chanel bicycle.

More stylish gift guides to come for the person who: knows everything about movies, reads constantly, is really weird but interesting, has everything, has nothing, doesn’t have everything but you still never know what to get him, and has everything because she made it all herself.

If you send out holiday cards, why not send one to:

A Recovering American Soldier

c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center

6900 Georgia Avenue NW

Washington, D.C. 20307

Because no matter what you feel about our government and the war, soldiers are people who deserve way more than a card.


How to become a magazine editor

Posted in fashion by Kaitlin on November 14, 2009

If you want to be the editor-in-chief of top magazine (like “Teen Vogue”), you only really need three things:

1. The hair = Blond and straight with a blunt bang. Alter the shade and length to show your individuality. See “Teen Vogue” editor Amy Astley below.

2. The background = Ballet. If bleeding feet aren’t your thing, any activity that emphasizes line, proportion and style will suffice. According to Amy Astley, the ballet world and magazine world share “discipline, training and rigor.”

3. The attitude = Condescending to all except for your superiors. You must flatter your boss at all times. Astley said “Vogue” editor, Anna Wintour, may be a demanding ice queen to some, but  “I care for her and she cares for me.”

Just check out the absolute lack of fear in Astley’s eyes. Obviously she and Wintour are best buds.

style inspiration – Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Posted in fashion, movies and television by Kaitlin on November 11, 2009

Holly Golightly’s (Audrey Hepburn) little black dresses in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” have long been lauded as a fashion staple. Unfortunately, other items in her wardrobe are sometimes overlooked. Below I pick out my favorite non-LBD Golightly  looks.



1. Never has sleepwear looked so chic. With a tuxedo shirt, turquoise eye mask and tasseled earplugs, Holly Golightly epitomized the glamorous morning after.

2. Even the glamorous need to relax. A gray sweatshirt and jeans were Holly’s go to leisurewear. Simplicity keeps this look far from neon Juicy Couture.

3. Ms. Golightly definitely wasn’t afraid of color. She dared to steal in an orange coat and successfully pulled off wall-to-wall pink.

Maybe we would all benefit from letting go and not taking ourselves to seriously. And the easiest place to start may be with our wardrobe.

Because zombies are people too

Posted in books and stories, fashion, movies and television by Kaitlin on November 10, 2009

The zombie rights issue is very controversial and hard to navigate. Here are some basic facts you need to understand the problem:

1. Zombies are not the enemy. They are living impaired people who want to be accepted despite their problem. Instead of killing the next zombie you see, try giving him or her a hug.

2. Zombies are not pets. The living impaired deserve to be treated humanely. Don’t make the infected mow your lawn, and if you go on a walk, do not force them to wear leashes.

3. Zombies have emotions. They can fall in love and be emotionally abused just like any one of us. So, don’t make fun of their situation.

We must remember: on a genetic level they are humans and they still have the capacity for emotions. If you’d like to support the cause, ThinkGeek has instructions on leading a Zombie Protest along with this T-shirt:

UPDATE: For a zombie friendly political party, check out:

The Changed at itsjustzombies.com. It’s not the end of the world. It’s just zombies.

The Zombie Rights Campaign Life includes ‘undead existence.’

plus size models? yes, please!

Posted in fashion by Kaitlin on October 10, 2009

Glamour magazine caused an  uproar when they used size 12 model Lizzie Miller in the pic below. Why? Women (and men) were ecstatic to see a realistic body shape in a fashion mag. 

But wait, there’s more – instead of just saying they would use more plus size models, Glamour is actually doing it! The November issue will  feature seven models confidently rocking their voluptuousness.

Glamour editor, Cindi Leive, is quick to say they’re just giving readers what they want after “over 1,000 of you posted your own joyous reactions to a figure with curves.” Like what you see? Then support it! Go buy a copy of Glamour or send your comments to Leive to support the recognition that all sizes can be beautiful.


Posted in fashion by Kaitlin on October 9, 2009

I’m having a serious store-crush on FluffyCo. They’re a San Fran clothing and home company. FluffyCo is an environmentally friendly business based in sustainable, local supplies. And, their stuff freaking rocks.

I mean, really, a bear with balloons? How cute is that!

I also love that you can check out all their inspirations which range from Texas hues to Portuguese tiles to traveling together:

Don’t be bland!

Posted in fashion by Kaitlin on September 24, 2009

Does your hair ever get in your eyes? Do you have a sense of style? Does Blair inspire your fashion? Then you need a headband. Not just any hair thingy – but a hair thingy you have decorated yourself. Yes! DIY at its best.


This project is uber simple. All you have to collect are some boring headbands,  interesting supplies and an adhesive (I got the plain headbands at target, the jewelry in a grab bag from Paris Market and the notions from a flatmate.) Stick your chosen decor to your headband and you’re ready to go. Tip: To avoid unsightly bald spots, make sure the glue is dry before you don your headband.


Even my pal, Yorick, got in on the act. I think pink is definitely his color!


peace and tees

Posted in fashion by Kaitlin on September 21, 2009

Today was the International Day of Peace. My meager effort to celebrate the holiday was to throw on a peace-themed t shirt. Which got me thinking: do message t-shirts, buttons and bags  really make a difference? Or do they make me look like a pretentious jerk? I decided to put my own wardrobe on trial.

Exhibit A:


I have to admit I mostly have this shirt to irritate people in my hometown. My mom has repeatedly asked me if I would write in “legal” above “immigration.” I said no. Point for pretentiousness.

Exhibit B:

I’ve loved this Laurel Thatcher Ulrich quote since I friend first told me these words of encouragement. This tote cheers me up whenever I fear I’ve royally screwed up (an everyday occurrence). Point for difference-making.

Exhibit C:

Considering Animal Farm, Brave New World, The Diary of Anne Frank and  Uncle Tom’s Cabin have been banned, this is true for many. The button probably makes me look smarter than I am, but it also draws attention to the fact that censorship is happening today. Maybe it’s a little bit of both.

Unfortunately, this trial has ended with a hung-jury (I think the judge was crooked).

black tights

Posted in fashion by Kaitlin on August 26, 2009

alexa chung

I wanted black tights to be my new anytime staple. So, what’s the trouble? Well,  wanting to avoid the fashion police, I thought I’d investigate the fashion. I came across some conflicting opinions. Some call summer tights-wearing ridiculous and others go as far as fugly. On the other hand, thecoveted hearts them and Tongue in Chic named them an icon of the week.

Seeing the indecisiveness of the community, I decided to determine my own pros and cons on summer black tights wearing.

Cons: hotter (temp wise) than bare legs, you have to deal with runs, pills etc., and they’re typically fall/winter fare.

Pros: tights make anything classier (especially bike-riding in a skirt),  they’re flattering (slimming, lengthening and good for hiding unsightly paleness or imperfections), Edie Sedgwick loved them, and finally, Zooey Deschanel rocks them in sunny LA (’tis known far and wide she can do no wrong).

What do you think – are black tights a sunshine do or don’t? In my mind, tights definitely win, and I will be wearing them whenever I want. Afterall, a true fashionista doesn’t dress for the weather. If it really bothers you, just think – after September 22, it will be fall.

Wall Street

Posted in fashion, movies and television by Kaitlin on August 25, 2009

For the final assignment in my American Moderns literature class I had to watch a movie (I know, torturous). I chose Wall Street from the list because it’s kind of a classic and, well, if  I want to do greed, why not try it vicariously first?

Although I was supposed to be noting the theme, plot etc. I couldn’t help but get swept up in the fashion, menswear-wise. The woman’s view of the 80s has been done a lot recently, but what I was left wanting after viewing Wall Street was not the big hair and bigger shoulders, but the slouchy trousers, red suspenders and stiff white collars. Using my fav time vacuum, Looklet, I whipped up my approximation of a feminized Wall Streetite (Wall Streetian?).

Please note: I would have used suspenders, but couldn’t find any, I think this captures the style, regardless. Do I see a briefcase purchase in my future?