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an education

Posted in books and stories, Uncategorized by Kaitlin on March 16, 2010

lynn barber, an education, book, cover, american, us, inspiration, adaptation, memoir, nonfictionLynn Barber’s memoir is a quick read – I read it in an afternoon.  I’ll admit, the only reason I bought this was because I had heard good things about the movie, but Barber’s voice makes it a must. She is succinct, but knows when to dab an extra bit of description.

The movie, “An Education,” is based on an article published in “Granta,” which Barber later expanded into the book. Her memoir starts with her earliest memories and continues into 2009. She has led a fascinating life.

Barber worked for “Penthouse” and published the revolutionary book “How to Improve Your Man in Bed.” She also worked for “Vanity Fair” and wrote “The Heyday of Natural History” chronicling how Darwinism affected Victorian natural history books. Barber is a dryly witty Scheherazade, an incredibly versatile new journalist and all this young writer could ever hope to be. lynn barber, smoking, author, photo, writer, black and white, woman, interviewer, journalist, an education, bookGay Talese step aside, this writing major has a new idol.


Fantatic Mr. Fox

Posted in movies and television by Kaitlin on December 3, 2009

Puppet animation and celebrity voices fantastically adapt Roald Dahl’s tale of an ex-crook fox who endeavors to stay on the legal for his family. Family and self-worth are essentials in “Fantastic Mr. Fox,” a morality tale with fairly lax morals.

I loved this film with it’s quirky characters and sunny art direction. A plus for me – The Beach Boys are on the soundtrack including my favorite song of theirs, “Heroes and Villains.”

a little twilight

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I was planning on posting a review of  “New Moon,” but I’m a tad busy and there are so many really good articles (and parodies) about the Twilight phenom, I thought I’d just link to some.

If you were wondering who “wears the pants” in Bella’s relationships, check out Team Edward, Team Jacob: New Moon’s Gender Revolution.

To read how “New Moon” might be a good thing for women in Hollywood, see New Moon Brings a New Dawn in Hollywood.

And if you want to write a bestseller just like “Twilight,” read Twilight: A Follow-Up, and a Promise.

My favorite “Twilight” parody ’cause “I’ve got like a black belt in fangs.”

Get a look at Peter Facinelli (Carlisle) getting in on the parody action.


PS – In case you were wondering, I am still writing. I’ve got about 10,000 words so far. Check out the wordle I made with the first chunk of my book – My wordle

Whip It!

Posted in movies and television by Kaitlin on October 7, 2009

whip it

Ellen Page finds her bliss in roller derby encouraging millions to buy skate gear they’ll wear once. Whip It! is funny, warm and predictable grrl power that’s worth watching.

If you live in the 912 and are interested in real derby action, Savannah Derby Devils take on the Low Country High Rollers 7pm Saturday at Supergoose Sports.

undiscovered gyrl

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Undiscovered Gyrl is composed of fictional blog posts by a seventeen-year-old girl using the alias “Katie.” Her life is pretty much a mess – even her blog readers know and email her about it. When Katie takes a year off before college, she’s left almost friendless at home with her mom and her mom’s annoying boyfriend Mike.

Katie’s boyfriend, Rory, is needy and sometimes mean to her and she doesn’t really even like him. Despite this, she won’t break up with him because she doesn’t want to be even more alone. She’s really in love with Dan, a thirty-something film professor. Katie and Dan spend their time together watching movies, getting high and pretending their relationship is not about sex.

Despite Katie’s realistic and sad troubles, Allison Burnett’s book is easy to read. He convey’s her as a confused girl simply looking for her bliss in the real, often blissless, world. Picture Breakfast at Tiffany’s meets Wetlands.

I normally don’t like trailers for books, but I think Undiscovered Gyrl‘s isn’t that bad:

What I did not like about the book was the ending. Burnett’s conclusion was soap operaish and seemed to grab desparately at a seriousness greatly at odds with the tone of the rest of the book.

Perhaps, as with the adaptation of Breakfast at Tiffany’s the movie will get a new ending. The leading contender to play promiscuious and borderline alcoholic Katie in the film is Miley Cyrus. Can she carry it off? I have my doubts.

The Time Traveler’s Wife

Posted in books and stories, movies and television by Kaitlin on August 29, 2009

On a friend’s recommendation, I read Audrey Niffeneger’s debut novel a year ago.The Time Traveler’s Wife is a love story between Clare and Henry, who randomly travels through time because of a genetic abnormality. Although I didn’t know what to expect from this romantic fantasy tale, I loved it’s twisting dark romance and unavoidable eventualities.

Audrey Niffenegger

As I am of any adaptation of a favorite book, I was nervous and excited to see the movie, but the film followed the book closely. I do wish the film spent more time on Henry’s visits to Clare during her childhood  – my favorite part of the book, but I understand the time constraints of the film.

I also missed Clare’s art in the movie. It is mentioned and glimpsed, but largely pushed to the side. As a burgeoning artist myself, it was nice to read about someone making their career in the art world. This also reflected on Niffenegger herself who is not only a writer, but also a talented visual artist, painter and print maker.

Despite these few things, the movie was still infinitely watchable and a love story even a cynic like me can appreciate.