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Posted in diary by Kaitlin on October 26, 2009


My flatmates and I weren’t the only ones celebrating Halloween early. Wag-o-ween is Savannah’s Halloween for dogs. On Saturday, furry best friends could go into a wide array of shops downtown for a doggy version of trick-or-treat. Turns out adorable animals look even cuter in costume.


early halloween

Posted in diary, movies and television by Kaitlin on October 25, 2009

We celebrated Halloween a little early at a costume party last night. The flatmates and I wanted wow-able costumes group style. After much brainstorming and a little thrifting we came up with this:

us as arthur

In case, you don’t recognize our rad duds here’s a hint:


We three are Buster Baxter, Muffy Crosswire and Arthur Read. Don’t get it? Then you’ve never seen Arthur, a wonderful pbskids’ cartoon that’s still running. It comes on weekdays at 5 and 5:30 – you should def catch it if you can.

fire helmets and banana suits

Posted in diary by Kaitlin on October 3, 2009

5 reasons why we’re children:

1. Firefighters think we need plastic fire helmets. And we agree.

1 vicky with fire hat copy

2. We go to the beach and howl at the moon. And people howl back.

3. Halloween is our favorite holiday. And we will try on costumes in Target aisles.

2 bridgette copy

4. We like Twilight. And we will preorder tickets to a midnight showing of Twilight Saga: New Moon.

5. We realize a spoonful of sugar does not make everything better. And we will continue try it.

a pole, some cards and scrabble

Posted in diary by Kaitlin on September 29, 2009

5 things I learned this weekend:

1. Despite appearances, a long curtain rod does not a stripper pole make.

1 david pole copy

2. Do not mess with the psychics tarot cards (especially if you have a pushy aura).

13 david margaret kathryn tarot copy

3. Tarot card readings will be eerily accurate.

9 bridgette vicky copy10 tarot cards (vicky margaret kathryn david) copy

4. Chinese fortune-telling sticks not so accurate (but good for impromptu log cabins).

3 vicky margaret sticks copy8 stick log cabin (kathryn margaret) copy

5. Scrabble Slam is infinitely better than the original version. Seriously.

14 margaret david scrabble slam (bridgette) copy12 bridgette pillow copy

for a flatmate

Posted in books and stories by Kaitlin on September 23, 2009

Singing Shoeman: A Poem

You there! Yes, you, you hope-killing hipster.

Who do you think you’re fooling with your too tight man pants, your disheveled range rover, your ron jon surf shop sticker and your singing shoes?

What do you think you’re doing with your wannabe crooning, your Weekend beat leeching,your pbr party throwing and your ironic logoed t-shirt designs?

You think you’re a jackal, but you’re just a jackass. Try to take a Zebra out, and you’ll be licking your wounds. Cause we’re a tight group, and we don’t let a filly down.

Tuesday Times

Posted in diary by Kaitlin on September 16, 2009

Tonight a few of the flatmates and I headed on safari in search of the elusive buff whiteout and the endangered sliced muenster. Our travels led us to Oprah’s favorite, Tarjay, and Staples, of easy button fame.

target shopping basketThe muenster was successfully captured! Along with smiling potatoes and a shower caddy. The shower caddy is slightly less interesting than the Shower Caddy!, but getting inanimate objects excited costs extra. (I was sorely tempted to buy a Basket!, but decided I could make do with the apathetic basket we already had.)

unneccesary punctuation2B browsed amongst the toilet seats while V hid her light under a basket. (The doctors advise we humor her.)bridgette and vicky shopping in targetBuff whiteout is truly a rare beast and completely extinct in the Target savanna, so we headed to the wilds of a ready-to-close Staples. Under the medical attention of cheery school supplies, V came out from under her basket and lived to shop another day.

vicky with bookbagsThe final task conquered we headed to the checkout and then onwards to IHOP. For surely only night breakfast could curb our raging appetites.