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white collar – a season finale

Posted in movies and television by Kaitlin on March 10, 2010

neal caffrey, matt bomer, white collar, out of the box, hat,    turtleneck, manThe USA show ended it’s season last night with the FBI’s resident con, Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer) discovering the location of a music box he can to trade to free his hostage girlfriend. No spoilers here, but I will say the last 90 seconds are a guaranteed surprise. You can catch the last episode now on hulu.

Even if you don’t regularly watch the show, this episode is a must for Matt Bomer fans (think skinny dipping and shirtless sculpting). If this episode leaves you all hot and bothered, don’t worry. “White Collar” will return this summer.


If I Can Dream

Posted in movies and television by Kaitlin on March 3, 2010

if i can dream, berlin, press tour, giglianne, ben, amanda, kara, cara, justin, gigliani, giglianni, benjamin, reality, tv, television, show, facebook, elliot, gastonFive aspiring performers star in “If I Can Dream,” a new show by Idol creator Simon Fuller different from other reality shows.

You won’t find “If I Can Dream” on TV. Hulu posts new 30 minute episodes every Tuesday. Another first? You can watch any camera in the house live 24/7.

I tuned and found them responding to twitter. On demand, Justin riffed on Johnny Cash, Kara rapped about Jack Sparrow and they all played “Never Have I Ever.”

if i can dream, tv, show, reality, television, amanda, ben,  benjamin, giglianne, kara, cara, gigliani, giglianni, hulu, press, tour

Judging by first impressions (left to right in the right photo) – Amanda is an OCD neat freak, Justin carries his guitar everywhere like it’s his security blanket, Giglianne is way to quiet/boring for a reality show, Ben is a wannabe RPattz and Kara’s the crazy chick you hang out with because she’s hot.