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Bang Ditto

Posted in books and stories by Kaitlin on October 12, 2009

“Bang Ditto” is a book of poems and short stories by Amber Tamblyn. Yes, that Amber Tamblyn, “Joan of Arcadia” star and cool sister of the traveling-pants-hood.

I’m skeptical of actors who cross over into other fields, especially writing. But I decided to give Tamblyn the benefit of the doubt.

“Bang Ditto” is a slim book, but Tamblyn’s frankness makes it interesting. Do I like her poems? I haven’t decided yet. But I keep reading and  rereading them. Maybe that answers my question.

An excerpt from her poem”Earthquake” –

My entire life has been a huge earthquake I slept through. All I know are the aftershocks.

The sound of glass being swept up in my lover’s bedroom.

A story I don’t remember telling is the headline of every newspaper the moring after.

My blackouts in big lights. All I see is the damage I’ve done.

My mother is the news anchor, never allowing me to escape her natural disaster.

for a flatmate

Posted in books and stories by Kaitlin on September 23, 2009

Singing Shoeman: A Poem

You there! Yes, you, you hope-killing hipster.

Who do you think you’re fooling with your too tight man pants, your disheveled range rover, your ron jon surf shop sticker and your singing shoes?

What do you think you’re doing with your wannabe crooning, your Weekend beat leeching,your pbr party throwing and your ironic logoed t-shirt designs?

You think you’re a jackal, but you’re just a jackass. Try to take a Zebra out, and you’ll be licking your wounds. Cause we’re a tight group, and we don’t let a filly down.