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gift guide no. 1

Posted in movies and television by Kaitlin on December 5, 2009

The holiday gift-giving season is here, so I thought – why not blog a gift guide? Because I believe different types of people need different types of gifts, I’m splitting it into different posts. Gift guide no. 1 is for the person who knows everything about movies (aka the film buff).

For $5 and under

True movie snobs only want to see films in their original format. Show them you’re proud of their snootiness with the “this button hasn’t been modified to fit your clothing” pin (that’s the name of the button – the button actually reads “If you truly cared about a movie, you wouldn’t watch in in fullscreen.”).

What person who knows everything about movies doesn’t want something that was in a movie? While this Peppermint Fight Club novelty soap wasn’t made by Tyler Durden, it reportedly smells like “a punch to the face.” Fun fact: unlike the soap in “Fight Club” this homemade product is not made from human lipo leftovers.

Almost every film buff considers “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” a classic and Audrey Hepburn an icon. Celebrate the Academy Award winning actress with the Scrabble Tile Pendant “I love Audrey”. It’s simply marvelous, darling.

For $15 and under

Directed by the master himself,  George A. Romero, “Dawn of the Dead” is a must-see zombie flick.  Your favorite horror lovers can see zombies everyday with the Dawn of the Dead print.

You know those film snobs who think they can do it better? Give them the Hollywood slate board and watch them set the scene. Director attitude included. (although you might want to include some chalk)

Piles of movies getting your pal down? No organization system? The DVD Storage Box 2-pack will solve all that with room for over 50 DVDs!

For $25 and under

Provoke some deep musings with this quote by a renowned filmmaker, “If it can be written or thought it can be filmed.”  The Stanley Kubrick limited edition art print is perfect for the dramatic friend.

Does the person who seems to know everything about movies really know it all? Shed some light on the behind the scenes with the book “50 Designers/50 Costumes: Concept to Character”. So you’ll pay attention to the Costume Design category at the Oscars.

Speaking of behind the scenes, what about a year subscription to “Creative Screenwriting” magazine? Because the writing’s what really determines a movie’s quality (yes, I may be a tad biased).

For a gag

As a joke (or if you don’t like the person) give them them the action fiasco that is “Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever.” Making it worse than such horrors as “The Hottie and the Nottie,”  “Gigli” and “Glitter,” Rotten Tomatoes named this Lucy Liu/Antonio Banderas disaster the worst movie of the last ten years.

For those willing to drop some serious cash

If you have a couple grand lying around loose, pick up a Classic Chaselite Cinema Identity Sign. It’s the perfect addition to any home theater. (These are custom made so you can change the finish and color).

And for just a few hundred more you can give “The Birds” an original oil painting inspired by the similarly titled Hitchcock masterpiece. Beware: this is just one of many in Ginette Callaway’s Vintage Hollywood Series: once they own one, they may want to own them all.

Stay tuned for gift guides for the person who: reads constantly, is fashion obsessed, is really weird but interesting, has everything,  has nothing,  doesn’t have everything but you still never know what to get him, and has everything because she made it all herself.

If you send out holiday cards, why not send one to:

A Recovering American Soldier

c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center

6900 Georgia Avenue NW

Washington, D.C. 20307

Because no matter what you feel about our government and the war, soldiers are people who deserve way more than a card.

high school movies

Posted in movies and television by Kaitlin on September 7, 2009

Heading back to college has made me nostalgic for the things of high school: lockers, book bags, the cafeteria, the gossip. So instead of packing, I’ve decided to procrastinate with movies. Here are my top five high school movies (counting down for dramatic effect):

5. Bandslam – Before you judge me or totally discount this list of all merit, give Bandslam a chance. It’s like a weirdly funny  indie melded with a feel-good flick without the ambiguous ending or the sap. Mostly though,  it’s all about the music. From greats like David Bowie and The Velvet Underground to newcomers like The Burning Hotels, this film is packed with glorious sound. And all the music is real – the cast played the instruments and sang the songs – no cheating. In a day filled with computer modulated pop stars, that’s enough to get Bandslam on my list.

4. Better Off Dead – Cusack, Cusack, Cusack. I had to have one of his eighties flicks on my list and Better Off Dead won out. Why? Because when you add a heartless girlfriend, a ski race challenge, a girl from France, a guy desparately looking for drugs and completely clueless parents with a slightly suicidal John Cusack, hilarity ensues. Trust me.

3. Pretty Persuasion – This movie shows just how mean high schoolers can be, but it goes beyond the average cruel to other students popularity. In Pretty Persuasion, Kimberly Jones works hard not just to control the school, but to control the world around her. And she succeeds in getting the attention from everyone she wants, except from those she cares about most. Just remember “the devil wears a grey skirt, my friend, and her name is Kimberley Jones.”

2.Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – My favorite of the John Hughes collection. Ferris is the guy we all want to be or date because nothing goes wrong for him, ever. He  has surely inspired millions to stay at home “sick,” (including me) though few can do it as well. To watch Bueller is to believe you can create your own happy ending, no matter how ludicrous. After all, “Only the meek get pinched. The bold survive.”

1. Heathers – If you have not seen Heathers, go watch it right now. I’m serious. When monocle wearing Veronica starts using her genius IQ for forging suicide notes instead of for picking out lipgloss, you know it’s going to be fun. Especially when her boyfriend, J.D., is like the teenage version of Tyler Durden. Heathers is the high school film for those with a horribly wicked sense of humor.

So, that’s my list. Procrastination time is over and I must pack. What do you think? Did I leave any essentials out?